Christian Bergeron

“Christian Bergeron has more than forty years experience. His works are among the finest corporate and private collections from coast to coast in Canada, the United States and several European countries. Among many corporate collectors, there are Gaz Métropolitain, Pratt & Whitney, Canam Manac, Donohue, La Laurentienne, Royal Trust, The Jim Pattison Group (Vancouver), Le Manoir Richelieu, Fort Gary and the Caisses Desjardins.

At a very early age, he shows aptitude for figurative art. Self taught, he developed his art at the contact of the great painters in Quebec at the time, such as Francesco Iacurto for whom he was a student and model. Many years ago, he has developed and perfected a personal style, named prismatic. He gives another dimension to the painting by increasing the effect of light at different angles thus producing spectacular perspectives and the illusion of different views at different time of the day (read Mr William Berg, University of Wisconsin, “Literature and Painting in Quebec: from imagery to identity“, for a thorough analysis of a prismatic painting). Known for his vibrant colors, contrasts and lights more and more grandiose as well as the control of his spatula, he became a well known artist and an associate member of the Copley Boston Society of Arts in 2007 where he exhibits regularly.

Christian Bergeron is everything… but the half-measure. He opens his own galleries where he works and where hang side by side traditional scenes, marine and more contempory works, even abstract. Christian Bergeron is an artist constantly changing inspired by his many travels around the world and who plays with the nuances and visual compositions in a masterly way.”